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[SND] 2013_0221_RWW.mp3 21-Feb-2013 17:55 320k [SND] 2013_0225_RWW.mp3 25-Feb-2013 17:34 480k [SND] 2013_0129_RWW.mp3 29-Jan-2013 17:45 728k [SND] 2017_0714_Fugelsang.mp3 14-Jul-2017 17:03 780k [SND] 2013_0312_RWW.mp3 12-Mar-2013 16:42 792k [SND] 2013_0311_RWW.mp3 11-Mar-2013 16:40 796k [SND] 2013_0211_RWW.mp3 11-Feb-2013 17:40 872k [SND] 2017_0622_Jill_Sobule.mp3 22-Jun-2017 17:04 940k [SND] 2013_0214_RWW.mp3 14-Feb-2013 17:49 1000k [SND] 2013_0218_RWW.mp3 18-Feb-2013 17:32 1008k [SND] 2013_0204_RWW.mp3 04-Feb-2013 17:54 1064k [SND] 2013_0401_Sweeney.mp3 01-Apr-2013 16:36 1068k [SND] 2013_1105_Dernt.mp3 05-Nov-2013 17:46 1104k [SND] 2013_0110_Harper.mp3 10-Jan-2013 17:49 1140k [SND] 2013_0308_Fugelsang.mp3 08-Mar-2013 17:40 1176k [SND] 2013_0228_RWW.mp3 28-Feb-2013 17:44 1212k [SND] 2016_0408_Goldberg Westenhoefer.mp3 08-Apr-2016 17:37 1240k [SND] 2013_0128_RWW.mp3 28-Jan-2013 17:47 1260k [SND] 2015_0917_Goldberg.mp3 17-Sep-2015 16:20 1284k [SND] 2016_1118_Frangela.mp3 18-Nov-2016 18:41 1348k [SND] 2014_0710_Frisch.mp3 10-Jul-2014 16:23 1356k [SND] 2013_0304_RWW.mp3 04-Mar-2013 17:53 1392k [SND] 2013_0301_Reba.mp3 01-Mar-2013 17:48 1404k [SND] 2013_0109_Overton.mp3 09-Jan-2013 17:52 1432k [SND] 2016_0506_Stuttering John.mp3 06-May-2016 16:26 1436k [SND] 2013_0213_RWW.mp3 13-Feb-2013 17:36 1440k [SND] 2016_0426_George Lopez.mp3 26-Apr-2016 17:08 1452k [SND] 2013_0405_fugelsang.mp3 05-Apr-2013 16:35 1460k [SND] 2014_0313_john f greg proops jackie s.mp3 13-Mar-2014 16:33 1472k [SND] 2013_0124_RWW.mp3 24-Jan-2013 17:48 1484k [SND] 2014_0312_john carlos matt kirshen.mp3 12-Mar-2014 16:39 1492k [SND] 2013_0116_RWW.mp3 16-Jan-2013 17:43 1500k [SND] 2015_0618_Black.mp3 18-Jun-2015 16:25 1504k [SND] 2014_0805_Ward.mp3 05-Aug-2014 16:18 1508k [SND] 2013_0410_Sparks.mp3 10-Apr-2013 16:58 1516k [SND] 2016_0711_Suzanne Whang.mp3 11-Jul-2016 16:46 1532k [SND] 2017_0501_Nance.mp3 01-May-2017 16:36 1532k [SND] 2013_0114_RWW.mp3 14-Jan-2013 17:49 1544k [SND] 2014_0617_Pierce.mp3 17-Jun-2014 16:28 1552k [SND] 2016_0727-Rep_Ruben_Gallego.mp3 27-Jul-2016 18:02 1556k [SND] 2013_0306_Sparks.mp3 06-Mar-2013 17:47 1568k [SND] 2016_0708_Frangela.mp3 08-Jul-2016 17:27 1572k [SND] 2016_0810_Carlos Alazraqui.mp3 10-Aug-2016 16:38 1584k [SND] 2013_0104_RWW.mp3 04-Jan-2013 17:46 1592k [SND] 2014_0220_Tomasky.mp3 20-Feb-2014 17:25 1612k [SND] 2015_0218_Frangela.mp3 18-Feb-2015 17:16 1612k [SND] 2016_0325_Frangela.mp3 25-Mar-2016 17:38 1616k [SND] 2014_0422_Schlatter.mp3 22-Apr-2014 16:25 1636k [SND] 2013_0107_RWW.mp3 07-Jan-2013 17:45 1660k [SND] 2017_0712_Perez.mp3 12-Jul-2017 16:52 1668k [SND] 2016_0815_Monique Marvez.mp3 15-Aug-2016 16:56 1672k [SND] 2013_0315_Pocan.mp3 15-Mar-2013 16:32 1720k [SND] 2013_0222_RWW.mp3 22-Feb-2013 17:34 1732k [SND] 2013_0130_RWW.mp3 30-Jan-2013 17:48 1744k [SND] 2015_1216_Costner.mp3 16-Dec-2015 18:10 1748k [SND] 2013_0227_RWW.mp3 27-Feb-2013 17:44 1752k [SND] 2016_0915_Mayor Karen Weaver.mp3 15-Sep-2016 17:12 1752k [SND] 2013_0208_RWW.mp3 08-Feb-2013 17:41 1756k [SND] 2015_0703_Frangela.mp3 03-Jul-2015 16:15 1760k [SND] 2014_0917_Schechner.mp3 17-Sep-2014 16:18 1764k [SND] 2015_1026_SarahColonna.mp3 26-Oct-2015 18:19 1784k [SND] 2013_0108_RWW.mp3 08-Jan-2013 17:57 1792k [SND] 2013_0305_RWW.mp3 05-Mar-2013 17:41 1792k [SND] 2013_0212_RWW.mp3 12-Feb-2013 17:44 1796k [SND] 2013_0503_Chlumsky.mp3 03-May-2013 16:38 1812k [SND] 2013_0220_RWW.mp3 20-Feb-2013 17:35 1816k [SND] 2014_0131_Fugelsang.mp3 31-Jan-2014 17:32 1840k [SND] 2013_1212_Cesca.mp3 12-Dec-2013 17:39 1844k [SND] 2016_0205_Sarah.mp3 05-Feb-2016 18:31 1844k [SND] 2013_0424_Boehlert.mp3 24-Apr-2013 16:43 1852k [SND] 2016_0615_Suzanne Westenhoefer.mp3 15-Jun-2016 16:36 1868k [SND] 2015_0430_Fugelsang.mp3 30-Apr-2015 16:21 1872k [SND] 2013_0122_RWW.mp3 22-Jan-2013 17:52 1920k [SND] 2013_0308_RWW.mp3 08-Mar-2013 17:40 1924k [SND] 2014_0326_Alazraqui.mp3 26-Mar-2014 16:21 1924k [SND] 2016_0720_Charlie Pierce.mp3 20-Jul-2016 17:50 1924k [SND] 2013_0226_RWW.mp3 26-Feb-2013 17:42 1928k [SND] 2017_0203_Schiff.mp3 03-Feb-2017 18:04 1928k [SND] 2013_0201_RWW.mp3 01-Feb-2013 17:38 1940k [SND] 2014_0304_Pierce.mp3 04-Mar-2014 17:28 1940k [SND] 2015_1007_Parnell.mp3 07-Oct-2015 16:37 1944k [SND] 2013_0910_Pierce.mp3 10-Sep-2013 16:37 1948k [SND] 2013_0111_RWW.mp3 11-Jan-2013 17:46 1952k [SND] 2014_1030_Frangela.mp3 30-Oct-2014 16:22 1972k [SND] 2015_0727_Melendez.mp3 27-Jul-2015 16:19 1984k [SND] 2013_1106_Matthews.mp3 06-Nov-2013 17:44 1988k [SND] 2016_0418_Kim Fields.mp3 18-Apr-2016 17:01 1992k [SND] 2015_0410_Ron.mp3 10-Apr-2015 16:21 1996k [SND] 2014_0721_Robbins.mp3 21-Jul-2014 16:19 2004k [SND] 2013_0913_Matthews.mp3 13-Sep-2013 16:38 2028k [SND] 2015_0213_Friedlander.mp3 13-Feb-2015 17:29 2048k [SND] 2013_0102_Sparks.mp3 02-Jan-2013 17:49 2052k [SND] 2015_0807_Cusack.mp3 07-Aug-2015 16:21 2052k [SND] 2017_0614_Carlos.mp3 14-Jun-2017 16:54 2056k [SND] 2014_1113_Schechner.mp3 13-Nov-2014 17:29 2064k [SND] 2015_0420_Signorile.mp3 20-Apr-2015 16:26 2064k [SND] 2013_0930_Penn.mp3 30-Sep-2013 16:41 2072k [SND] 2014_0627_Cummings.mp3 27-Jun-2014 16:19 2080k [SND] 2015_0908_Carlin.mp3 08-Sep-2015 16:23 2080k [SND] 2015_1012_Rude.mp3 12-Oct-2015 18:12 2080k [SND] 2013_0426_Criss.mp3 26-Apr-2013 16:40 2096k [SND] 2013_0102_RWW.mp3 02-Jan-2013 17:49 2112k [SND] 2014_0811_Overton.mp3 11-Aug-2014 16:19 2112k [SND] 2013_0314_RWW.mp3 14-Mar-2013 16:48 2120k [SND] 2015_1113_ChrisFarewell.mp3 13-Nov-2015 17:43 2120k [SND] 2014_0214_Newsom.mp3 14-Feb-2014 17:28 2124k [SND] 2014_1013_Ward.mp3 13-Oct-2014 16:16 2124k [SND] 2013_0315_RWW.mp3 15-Mar-2013 16:32 2132k [SND] 2013_0617_knight.mp3 17-Jun-2013 16:49 2140k [SND] 2014_0616_Leifer.mp3 16-Jun-2014 16:50 2140k [SND] 2014_0815_Hale.mp3 15-Aug-2014 16:17 2140k [SND] 2015_0722_Apatow.mp3 22-Jul-2015 16:16 2144k [SND] 2013_1219_Cesca.mp3 19-Dec-2013 17:52 2148k [SND] 2013_1025_Tomasky.mp3 25-Oct-2013 16:50 2164k [SND] 2013_0215_RWW.mp3 15-Feb-2013 17:38 2168k [SND] 2014_0909_Bloom.mp3 09-Sep-2014 16:18 2168k [SND] 2013_0219_RWW.mp3 19-Feb-2013 17:38 2172k [SND] 2015_0128_Paul.mp3 28-Jan-2015 17:23 2172k [SND] 2013_0508_Tomasky.mp3 08-May-2013 16:41 2184k [SND] 2013_0206_Millhiser.mp3 06-Feb-2013 17:38 2204k [SND] 2013_1024_Ventura.mp3 24-Oct-2013 16:46 2208k [SND] 2014_0606_Leguizamo.mp3 06-Jun-2014 16:27 2208k [SND] 2015_0604_Cohen&Cooper.mp3 04-Jun-2015 16:17 2212k [SND] 2014_0827_Alazraqui.mp3 27-Aug-2014 16:19 2216k [SND] 2013_0103_RWW.mp3 03-Jan-2013 17:45 2224k [SND] 2013_0118_Merkley.mp3 18-Jan-2013 17:36 2236k [SND] 2017_0717_BillyWest_Travis.mp3 17-Jul-2017 17:18 2236k [SND] 2013_1126_Pierce.mp3 26-Nov-2013 17:58 2240k [SND] 2015_1123_RainnWilson.mp3 23-Nov-2015 17:57 2240k [SND] 2015_0209_Ward.mp3 09-Feb-2015 17:20 2244k [SND] 2013_0528_Pierce.mp3 28-May-2013 16:49 2252k [SND] 2014_1204_Kudrow.mp3 04-Dec-2014 17:22 2252k [SND] 2016_0511_Kelly Carlin.mp3 11-May-2016 17:07 2252k [SND] 2015_0608_Mooks.mp3 08-Jun-2015 16:29 2256k [SND] 2013_0805_Madigan.mp3 05-Aug-2013 16:32 2260k [SND] 2013_0129_Wahls.mp3 29-Jan-2013 17:45 2264k [SND] 2014_0129_Waters.mp3 29-Jan-2014 17:50 2264k [SND] 2014_0709_Ward.mp3 09-Jul-2014 16:20 2268k [SND] 2015_0710_Frangela.mp3 10-Jul-2015 16:16 2268k [SND] 2013_0114_Rude.mp3 14-Jan-2013 17:49 2280k [SND] 2013_0215_Meeks.mp3 15-Feb-2013 17:38 2280k [SND] 2014_0521_Alazraqui.mp3 21-May-2014 16:29 2280k [SND] 2013_1023_Bennett.mp3 23-Oct-2013 16:33 2288k [SND] 2013_0111_Fugelsang.mp3 11-Jan-2013 17:46 2292k [SND] 2013_0131_RWW.mp3 31-Jan-2013 17:45 2296k [SND] 2014_0508_Overton.mp3 08-May-2014 16:30 2300k [SND] 2013_1004_Quivers.mp3 04-Oct-2013 16:30 2308k [SND] 2016_1123_Carlos.mp3 23-Nov-2016 17:26 2308k [SND] 2013_0109_RWW.mp3 09-Jan-2013 17:52 2320k [SND] 2014_0430_Alazraqui.mp3 30-Apr-2014 16:23 2320k [SND] 2014_1112_Nye.mp3 12-Nov-2014 17:17 2320k [SND] 2014_0207_Aiken.mp3 07-Feb-2014 17:41 2324k [SND] 2016_0608_Rude Pundit.mp3 08-Jun-2016 16:55 2332k [SND] 2013_0301_RWW.mp3 01-Mar-2013 17:48 2344k [SND] 2016_0602_Tony Goodwyn.mp3 02-Jun-2016 17:23 2352k [SND] 2014_0211_Pierce.mp3 11-Feb-2014 17:37 2356k [SND] 2014_0402_Alazraqui.mp3 02-Apr-2014 16:27 2356k [SND] 2014_0317_Rude.mp3 17-Mar-2014 16:34 2360k [SND] 2014_0923_Dupuy.mp3 23-Sep-2014 16:18 2360k [SND] 2014_0225_Schweiger.mp3 25-Feb-2014 17:27 2364k [SND] 2015_0720_Melendez.mp3 20-Jul-2015 16:17 2364k [SND] 2013_0207_Schiff.mp3 07-Feb-2013 17:49 2372k [SND] 2013_0620_Cho.mp3 20-Jun-2013 16:38 2372k [SND] 2016_0719_Arsenio Hall.mp3 19-Jul-2016 16:34 2372k [SND] 2013_0104_Andrews.mp3 04-Jan-2013 17:46 2376k [SND] 2014_0421_Rude.mp3 21-Apr-2014 16:24 2376k [SND] 2014_0130_Schechner.mp3 30-Jan-2014 17:39 2380k [SND] 2013_1122_Ward.mp3 22-Nov-2013 17:32 2388k [SND] 2013_1111_Boehlert.mp3 11-Nov-2013 17:31 2396k [SND] 2015_0521_Overton.mp3 21-May-2015 16:26 2404k [SND] 2013_0807_Obeidallah.mp3 07-Aug-2013 16:41 2420k [SND] 2013_0207_RWW.mp3 07-Feb-2013 17:49 2424k [SND] 2014_1210_Alazraqui.mp3 10-Dec-2014 17:22 2436k [SND] 2016_0823_Charlie Pierce.mp3 23-Aug-2016 17:31 2436k [SND] 2014_0409_Schakowsky.mp3 09-Apr-2014 16:26 2440k [SND] 2014_0613_Osmond.mp3 13-Jun-2014 16:21 2456k [SND] 2014_0210_Rude.mp3 10-Feb-2014 17:45 2460k [SND] 2016_0208_ChrisMatthews.mp3 08-Feb-2016 18:39 2460k [SND] 2013_0307_RWW.mp3 07-Mar-2013 17:42 2464k [SND] 2014_0123_Cesca.mp3 23-Jan-2014 17:53 2472k [SND] 2016_1021_Stuttering John & Suzanne Westenhoefer.mp3 21-Oct-2016 16:53 2472k [SND] 2017_0310_Rep_Lieu.mp3 10-Mar-2017 18:26 2472k [SND] 2014_0305_Alazraqui.mp3 05-Mar-2014 17:30 2480k [SND] 2013_0417_Kirkman.mp3 17-Apr-2013 16:46 2484k [SND] 2014_0428_Black.mp3 28-Apr-2014 16:27 2484k [SND] 2017_0214_Rob_Reiner.mp3 14-Feb-2017 17:43 2492k [SND] 2014_0527_Pierce.mp3 27-May-2014 16:22 2496k [SND] 2013_0205_RWW.mp3 05-Feb-2013 17:40 2500k [SND] 2013_0425_Obeidallah.mp3 25-Apr-2013 16:56 2500k [SND] 2014_0224_Brown.mp3 24-Feb-2014 17:27 2504k [SND] 2014_0217_Schechener.mp3 17-Feb-2014 17:22 2528k [SND] 2014_0303_Boehlert.mp3 03-Mar-2014 17:35 2528k [SND] 2013_0312_Pierce.mp3 12-Mar-2013 16:42 2532k [SND] 2014_0522_Huffington.mp3 22-May-2014 16:33 2532k [SND] 2015_1027_Elvira.mp3 27-Oct-2015 17:32 2532k [SND] 2013_0313_RWW.mp3 13-Mar-2013 16:41 2536k [SND] 2014_0403_Sanders.mp3 03-Apr-2014 16:24 2536k [SND] 2013_0125_RWW.mp3 25-Jan-2013 17:44 2548k [SND] 2013_0219_Pierce.mp3 19-Feb-2013 17:38 2548k [SND] 2015_0130_Bass.mp3 30-Jan-2015 17:16 2548k [SND] 2016_0413_Anderson Cooper.mp3 13-Apr-2016 17:12 2552k [SND] 2016_1103_Karl_Frisch.mp3 03-Nov-2016 17:04 2552k [SND] 2013_0314_Carlin.mp3 14-Mar-2013 16:48 2572k [SND] 2016_0805_John Fugelsang.mp3 05-Aug-2016 17:23 2572k [SND] 2014_0911_Tomasky.mp3 11-Sep-2014 16:24 2576k [SND] 2016_0401_EdShultz.mp3 01-Apr-2016 17:35 2576k [SND] 2014_0306_Schechner.mp3 06-Mar-2014 17:40 2580k [SND] 2015_0610_Bayer.mp3 10-Jun-2015 16:26 2580k [SND] 2014_0321_Gold.mp3 21-Mar-2014 16:23 2584k [SND] 2014_0227_Frisch.mp3 27-Feb-2014 17:38 2588k [SND] 2014_0307_Dupuy.mp3 07-Mar-2014 17:28 2588k [SND] 2013_0221_Schiff.mp3 21-Feb-2013 17:55 2592k [SND] 2014_0416_Tomasky.mp3 16-Apr-2014 16:26 2592k [SND] 2016_1020_Michael Tomasky.mp3 20-Oct-2016 17:26 2592k [SND] 2014_0604_Obeidallah.mp3 04-Jun-2014 16:25 2600k [SND] 2015_0417_Fugelsang.mp3 17-Apr-2015 16:15 2600k [SND] 2014_1002_Worley.mp3 02-Oct-2014 16:23 2616k [SND] 2015_0522_Frangela.mp3 22-May-2015 16:53 2616k [SND] 2013_0115_RWW.mp3 15-Jan-2013 17:46 2620k [SND] 2014_0417_Frisch.mp3 17-Apr-2014 16:24 2620k [SND] 2015_0602_Pierce.mp3 02-Jun-2015 16:26 2632k [SND] 2014_0124_dupuy.mp3 24-Jan-2014 17:31 2644k [SND] 2013_0814_Fitzgerald.mp3 14-Aug-2013 16:48 2648k [SND] 2013_0110_RWW.mp3 10-Jan-2013 17:49 2664k [SND] 2013_0627_Yarmuth.mp3 27-Jun-2013 16:41 2664k [SND] 2013_0521_Obeidallah.mp3 21-May-2013 16:54 2668k [SND] 2013_0531_Dupuy.mp3 31-May-2013 16:50 2672k [SND] 2013_0206_RWW.mp3 06-Feb-2013 17:38 2688k [SND] 2016_0405_Judah.mp3 05-Apr-2016 16:58 2688k [SND] 2013_1017_Hartmann.mp3 17-Oct-2013 16:35 2692k [SND] 2013_0606_Fang.mp3 06-Jun-2013 16:45 2696k [SND] 2014_0228_Fugelsang.mp3 28-Feb-2014 17:34 2696k [SND] 2015_1105_Frisch.mp3 05-Nov-2015 17:56 2696k [SND] 2016_0726-Wendy_Davis.mp3 26-Jul-2016 18:15 2696k [SND] 2015_0423_Ward.mp3 23-Apr-2015 17:08 2700k [SND] 2017_0505_Sue_Dunlop.mp3 05-May-2017 17:08 2700k [SND] 2015_0508_Fugelsang.mp3 08-May-2015 16:17 2704k [SND] 2015_0528_Grazer.mp3 28-May-2015 16:25 2704k [SND] 2014_0725_MayLee.mp3 25-Jul-2014 16:41 2712k [SND] 2013_1121_Cesca.mp3 21-Nov-2013 17:41 2716k [SND] 2016_0929_Karl Frisch.mp3 29-Sep-2016 17:46 2740k [SND] 2013_0725_Tomasky.mp3 25-Jul-2013 16:31 2744k [SND] 2014_0716_Obeidallah.mp3 16-Jul-2014 16:17 2744k [SND] 2013_0228_Sanchez.mp3 28-Feb-2013 17:44 2748k [SND] 2013_0708_Boehlert.mp3 08-Jul-2013 16:44 2748k [SND] 2014_0415_Pierce.mp3 15-Apr-2014 16:23 2748k [SND] 2013_1029_Pierce.mp3 29-Oct-2013 16:38 2752k [SND] 2013_0802_Dupuy.mp3 02-Aug-2013 16:29 2756k [SND] 2013_1113_Alazraqui.mp3 13-Nov-2013 17:57 2756k [SND] 2013_1210_Pierce.mp3 10-Dec-2013 17:36 2756k [SND] 2013_1218_Fugelsang.mp3 18-Dec-2013 17:50 2764k [SND] 2013_0916_Boehlert.mp3 16-Sep-2013 16:30 2768k [SND] 2014_0930_Tomasky.mp3 30-Sep-2014 16:18 2776k [SND] 2013_1031_Frisch.mp3 31-Oct-2013 16:41 2780k [SND] 2013_1003_Plame.mp3 03-Oct-2013 16:36 2788k [SND] 2013_0718_Frisch.mp3 18-Jul-2013 16:50 2796k [SND] 2014_1029_Latifah.mp3 29-Oct-2014 16:18 2800k [SND] 2015_0526_Cesca.mp3 26-May-2015 16:43 2800k [SND] 2015_0113_Cesca.mp3 13-Jan-2015 17:22 2808k [SND] 2016_0503_Chirs Hardwick.mp3 03-May-2016 16:26 2812k [SND] 2014_0213_Tuff.mp3 13-Feb-2014 17:47 2816k [SND] 2014_1023_Alazraqui.mp3 23-Oct-2014 16:16 2816k [SND] 2014_1008_Tomasky.mp3 08-Oct-2014 16:15 2820k [SND] 2016_0406_Aisha.mp3 06-Apr-2016 17:43 2828k [SND] 2014_0203_Crist.mp3 03-Feb-2014 17:37 2832k [SND] 2014_0520_Penn.mp3 20-May-2014 16:25 2832k [SND] 2015_0226_Frisch.mp3 26-Feb-2015 17:20 2832k [SND] 2015_0504_Obeidallah.mp3 04-May-2015 16:19 2832k [SND] 2013_0208_Schakowsky.mp3 08-Feb-2013 17:41 2852k [SND] 2014_0221_Richard.mp3 21-Feb-2014 17:27 2852k [SND] 2013_0821_Moulitsas.mp3 21-Aug-2013 16:52 2864k [SND] 2014_0514_Digby.mp3 14-May-2014 16:23 2868k [SND] 2013_0306_RWW.mp3 06-Mar-2013 17:47 2872k [SND] 2013_0304_Fitzgerald.mp3 04-Mar-2013 17:53 2876k [SND] 2016_0309_Dean.mp3 09-Mar-2016 17:47 2876k [SND] 2016_0420_Ari Rabin-Havt.mp3 20-Apr-2016 16:45 2876k [SND] 2015_1006_Tomasky.mp3 06-Oct-2015 16:38 2884k [SND] 2013_0415_Boehlert.mp3 15-Apr-2013 16:46 2892k [SND] 2013_0409_McDonald.mp3 09-Apr-2013 16:46 2896k [SND] 2013_0607_Schiff.mp3 07-Jun-2013 16:41 2896k [SND] 2014_0724_Schechner.mp3 24-Jul-2014 16:45 2900k [SND] 2016_0518_Maria Shriver.mp3 18-May-2016 16:44 2900k [SND] 2013_0115_Schakowsky.mp3 15-Jan-2013 17:46 2904k [SND] 2013_0117_RWW.mp3 17-Jan-2013 18:04 2904k [SND] 2014_0327_Parker.mp3 27-Mar-2014 16:34 2904k [SND] 2015_0403_Fugelsang.mp3 03-Apr-2015 16:22 2908k [SND] 2017_0117_Pocan.mp3 17-Jan-2017 17:52 2908k [SND] 2014_0404_Carter.mp3 04-Apr-2014 16:31 2912k [SND] 2015_0513_Tomasky.mp3 13-May-2015 16:19 2912k [SND] 2014_1203_Miller.mp3 03-Dec-2014 15:32 2916k [SND] 2015_0611_Marvez.mp3 11-Jun-2015 16:24 2916k [SND] 2015_1029_TinaDupuy.mp3 29-Oct-2015 16:34 2920k [SND] 2014_1109_Plame.mp3 03-Nov-2014 17:17 2924k [SND] 2015_0924_Love.mp3 24-Sep-2015 16:20 2924k [SND] 2016_0811_Randi Weingarten.mp3 11-Aug-2016 17:04 2924k [SND] 2016_1006_Karl Frisch.mp3 06-Oct-2016 16:35 2924k [SND] 2014_0407_McDonald.mp3 07-Apr-2014 16:22 2928k [SND] 2015_0911_Fugelsang.mp3 11-Sep-2015 16:21 2928k [SND] 2013_0325_Boehlert.mp3 25-Mar-2013 16:45 2932k [SND] 2013_0612_Moulitsas.mp3 12-Jun-2013 16:47 2932k [SND] 2013_1217_Pierce.mp3 17-Dec-2013 17:51 2936k [SND] 2013_0116_DeLauro.mp3 16-Jan-2013 17:43 2940k [SND] 2013_0307_Welch.mp3 07-Mar-2013 17:42 2944k [SND] 2013_0909_Wallis.mp3 09-Sep-2013 16:37 2944k [SND] 2015_0603_Dupuy.mp3 03-Jun-2015 16:44 2944k [SND] 2016_0926_Rude Pundit.mp3 26-Sep-2016 17:05 2944k [SND] 2013_0329_Kilmer.mp3 29-Mar-2013 16:44 2952k [SND] 2015_0708_Carter.mp3 08-Jul-2015 16:15 2960k [SND] 2013_0422_Tomlin.mp3 22-Apr-2013 16:36 2964k [SND] 2015_1106_KrisPerry.mp3 06-Nov-2015 17:45 2964k [SND] 2016_0107_RayLiota.mp3 07-Jan-2016 17:47 2964k [SND] 2014_0331_Nichols.mp3 31-Mar-2014 16:23 2968k [SND] 2015_0129_Frisch.mp3 29-Jan-2015 17:20 2968k [SND] 2017_0109_Remini.mp3 09-Jan-2017 18:10 2976k [SND] 2013_0702_Pierce.mp3 02-Jul-2013 16:31 2980k [SND] 2016_0921_Mike Papantonio.mp3 21-Sep-2016 16:45 2984k [SND] 2013_0806_Alazraqui.mp3 06-Aug-2013 16:40 2988k [SND] 2013_1127_Alazraqui.mp3 27-Nov-2013 17:32 2988k [SND] 2013_0520_Rude.mp3 20-May-2013 16:54 2992k [SND] 2013_1007_Kirkman.mp3 07-Oct-2013 16:33 2992k [SND] 2014_0509_Fugelsang.mp3 09-May-2014 16:36 2992k [SND] 2013_0823_Overton.mp3 23-Aug-2013 16:42 3000k [SND] 2013_1204_Obeidallah.mp3 04-Dec-2013 17:35 3004k [SND] 2013_0715_Papa.mp3 15-Jul-2013 16:46 3008k [SND] 2013_1022_Pierce.mp3 22-Oct-2013 16:43 3008k [SND] 2013_1030_Sparks.mp3 30-Oct-2013 16:41 3008k [SND] 2016_1202_Frangela.mp3 02-Dec-2016 18:20 3012k [SND] 2014_0320_Nyad.mp3 20-Mar-2014 16:37 3016k [SND] 2015_0116_Fugelsang.mp3 16-Jan-2015 17:18 3016k [SND] 2013_0402_Pierce.mp3 02-Apr-2013 16:46 3020k [SND] 2013_0118_Campbell.mp3 18-Jan-2013 17:36 3024k [SND] 2015_0227_Fugelsang.mp3 27-Feb-2015 17:33 3024k [SND] 2016_0106_BobCesca.mp3 06-Jan-2016 17:45 3024k [SND] 2014_0512_Rude.mp3 12-May-2014 16:34 3036k [SND] 2013_0524_Fugelsang.mp3 24-May-2013 16:34 3044k [SND] 2013_1206_Duralde.mp3 06-Dec-2013 17:47 3048k [SND] 2014_0127_Boehlert.mp3 27-Jan-2014 17:30 3048k [SND] 2015_0415_Jarrett.mp3 15-Apr-2015 16:22 3048k [SND] 2016_1110_Karl_Frisch.mp3 10-Nov-2016 17:57 3048k [SND] 2013_0603_Rude.mp3 03-Jun-2013 16:48 3052k [SND] 2013_1114_Cesca.mp3 14-Nov-2013 17:41 3052k [SND] 2015_0126_Boehlert.mp3 26-Jan-2015 17:15 3052k [SND] 2015_0206_Frangela.mp3 06-Feb-2015 17:18 3056k [SND] 2013_0523_Gold.mp3 23-May-2013 16:48 3060k [SND] 2016_0804_Michael Tomasky.mp3 04-Aug-2016 16:58 3060k [SND] 2013_0107_Grayson.mp3 07-Jan-2013 17:45 3064k [SND] 2014_0205_Fitzgerald.mp3 05-Feb-2014 17:56 3064k [SND] 2013_1018_Fugelsang.mp3 18-Oct-2013 16:38 3068k [SND] 2013_0214_Berman.mp3 14-Feb-2013 17:49 3072k [SND] 2014_0204_Madigan.mp3 04-Feb-2014 17:49 3072k [SND] 2016_0328_Dupuy.mp3 28-Mar-2016 17:10 3072k [SND] 2013_0423_Breen.mp3 23-Apr-2013 16:33 3080k [SND] 2013_0530_Tomasky.mp3 30-May-2013 16:50 3080k [SND] 1126_2014_Hamilton.mp3 26-Nov-2014 17:13 3084k [SND] 2013_0507_Pierce.mp3 07-May-2013 16:36 3084k [SND] 2014_0410_Yarmuth.mp3 10-Apr-2014 16:31 3084k [SND] 2016_0224_Cesca.mp3 24-Feb-2016 18:42 3084k [SND] 2013_0723_Pierce.mp3 23-Jul-2013 16:41 3088k [SND] 2015_0109_Frangela.mp3 09-Jan-2015 17:23 3088k [SND] 2016_0105_TinaDupuy.mp3 05-Jan-2016 17:35 3088k [SND] 2016_0203_Dean.mp3 04-Feb-2016 18:08 3088k [SND] 2014_0626_Frisch.mp3 26-Jun-2014 16:21 3092k [SND] 2013_0614_Grayson.mp3 14-Jun-2013 17:00 3096k [SND] 2013_1119_Hartmann.mp3 19-Nov-2013 17:39 3096k [SND] 2017_0227_Bob_Cesca.mp3 27-Feb-2017 18:13 3096k [SND] 2013_0226_Yarmuth.mp3 26-Feb-2013 17:42 3100k [SND] 2013_1011_Dupuy.mp3 11-Oct-2013 16:29 3100k [SND] 2014_1120_Frisch.mp3 20-Nov-2014 17:17 3100k [SND] 2016_0525_Carlos Alazraqui-1.mp3 25-May-2016 16:57 3100k [SND] 2016_0818_Karl Frisch.mp3 18-Aug-2016 17:27 3100k [SND] 2013_0305_Madigan.mp3 05-Mar-2013 17:41 3104k [SND] 2014_0226_Goldwater.mp3 26-Feb-2014 17:24 3104k [SND] 2014_0714_Rude.mp3 14-Jul-2014 16:17 3108k [SND] 2016_1031_Rude Pundit.mp3 31-Oct-2016 16:45 3108k [SND] 2013_0703_Sparks.mp3 03-Jul-2013 16:36 3112k [SND] 2014_0128_Shuster.mp3 28-Jan-2014 17:33 3112k [SND] 2014_0711_Lee.mp3 11-Jul-2014 16:20 3112k [SND] 2013_1008_Medved.mp3 08-Oct-2013 16:34 3116k [SND] 2015_0323_Sanders.mp3 23-Mar-2015 16:32 3116k [SND] 2014_0408_Cesca.mp3 08-Apr-2014 16:33 3120k [SND] 2016_0311_Feldman.mp3 11-Mar-2016 17:57 3120k [SND] 2016_1213_Howard_Dean.mp3 13-Dec-2016 17:56 3120k [SND] 2016_0603_Stuttering John.mp3 03-Jun-2016 17:42 3124k [SND] 2013_0125_Dupuy.mp3 25-Jan-2013 17:44 3128k [SND] 2016_0115_Frangela.mp3 15-Jan-2016 17:31 3140k [SND] 2015_0511_Rude.mp3 11-May-2015 16:17 3148k [SND] 2016_0427_Clarence Page.mp3 27-Apr-2016 16:55 3148k [SND] 2015_1028_BrookeShields.mp3 28-Oct-2015 21:35 3152k [SND] 2013_0514_Jones.mp3 14-May-2013 16:55 3156k [SND] 2013_0605_Toobin.mp3 05-Jun-2013 16:55 3156k [SND] 2014_0318_Pierce.mp3 18-Mar-2014 16:35 3156k [SND] 2017_0227_Chris_Lavoie.mp3 27-Feb-2017 18:13 3156k [SND] 2014_1121_Lee.mp3 21-Nov-2014 17:21 3164k [SND] 2015_1209_Obeidallah.mp3 09-Dec-2015 18:09 3164k [SND] 2014_0829_Lee.mp3 29-Aug-2014 16:16 3168k [SND] 2015_0112_Boehlert.mp3 12-Jan-2015 17:18 3168k [SND] 2015_0220_SexyLiberal.mp3 20-Feb-2015 17:21 3168k [SND] 2015_1005_Ward.mp3 05-Oct-2015 16:20 3168k [SND] 2014_0603_Cesca.mp3 03-Jun-2014 16:49 3176k [SND] 2014_0807_Frisch.mp3 07-Aug-2014 16:20 3176k [SND] 2016_0118_Warren.mp3 18-Jan-2016 17:59 3176k [SND] 2014_1016_Obeidallah.mp3 16-Oct-2014 16:26 3180k [SND] 2016_1027_Aaron Cappucci.mp3 27-Oct-2016 17:19 3180k [SND] 2013_0925_Grayson.mp3 25-Sep-2013 16:35 3184k [SND] 2014_0828_Schechner.mp3 28-Aug-2014 16:16 3184k [SND] 2015_0519_Cho.mp3 19-May-2015 16:19 3184k [SND] 2015_1002_Schakowsky.mp3 02-Oct-2015 16:29 3184k [SND] 2014_0924_Alazraqui.mp3 24-Sep-2014 16:17 3188k [SND] 2015_0709_Sanchez.mp3 09-Jul-2015 16:20 3192k [SND] 2014_0620_Lee.mp3 20-Jun-2014 16:15 3196k [SND] 2016_0215_Obeidallah.mp3 15-Feb-2016 17:28 3196k [SND] 2016_0920_Sen. Debbie Stabenow.mp3 20-Sep-2016 17:32 3196k [SND] 2015_0702_Kirkman.mp3 02-Jul-2015 16:27 3200k [SND] 2013_0213_Stabenow.mp3 13-Feb-2013 17:36 3204k [SND] 2013_0418_Davis.mp3 18-Apr-2013 16:43 3204k [SND] 2014_0411_Fugelsang.mp3 11-Apr-2014 16:19 3204k [SND] 2015_0806_Marvez.mp3 06-Aug-2015 16:18 3204k [SND] 2016_0928_Bob Cesca.mp3 28-Sep-2016 17:14 3204k [SND] 2016_0930_Stuttering John.mp3 30-Sep-2016 17:49 3204k [SND] 2014_0122_Tomasky.mp3 22-Jan-2014 17:38 3216k [SND] 2015_0123_Yarmuth.mp3 23-Jan-2015 17:17 3216k [SND] 2016_0628_Charlie.mp3 28-Jun-2016 16:35 3216k [SND] 2017_0224_Sexy_Liberals.mp3 24-Feb-2017 18:16 3216k [SND] 2017_0511_Rep_Waters.mp3 11-May-2017 17:15 3216k [SND] 2013_1203_Bowersox.mp3 03-Dec-2013 17:38 3220k [SND] 2016_0330_Cesca_Overton.mp3 30-Mar-2016 17:02 3220k [SND] 2013_1101_Yarmuth.mp3 01-Nov-2013 16:46 3224k [SND] 2013_1112_Obeidallah.mp3 12-Nov-2013 17:41 3224k [SND] 2014_0513_Cesca.mp3 13-May-2014 16:34 3224k [SND] 2014_0625_Fugelsang.mp3 25-Jun-2014 16:19 3224k [SND] 2015_0421_Cesca.mp3 21-Apr-2015 16:20 3224k [SND] 2017_0412_Suli.mp3 12-Apr-2017 17:04 3224k [SND] 2013_0408_Stills.mp3 08-Apr-2013 16:44 3228k [SND] 2014_0507_Alazraqui.mp3 07-May-2014 16:33 3228k [SND] 2015_0828_Fugelsang.mp3 28-Aug-2015 16:19 3228k [SND] 2013_0729_Rude.mp3 29-Jul-2013 16:36 3232k [SND] 2013_1004_Carter.mp3 04-Oct-2013 16:30 3232k [SND] 2014_0731_Frisch.mp3 31-Jul-2014 16:20 3232k [SND] 2016_0113_Tomasky.mp3 13-Jan-2016 18:03 3232k [SND] 2017_0103_Pierce.mp3 03-Jan-2017 17:48 3232k [SND] 2013_0501_Kluwe.mp3 01-May-2013 16:41 3236k [SND] 2014_0314_john f tina dupuy.mp3 14-Mar-2014 16:44 3236k [SND] 2014_0529_Schechner.mp3 29-May-2014 16:37 3236k [SND] 2015_0529_Frangela.mp3 29-May-2015 16:19 3236k [SND] 2015_1201_Pierce.mp3 02-Dec-2015 19:38 3240k [SND] 2016_0923_ Fugelsang & Frangela.mp3 23-Sep-2016 17:33 3240k [SND] 2013_0211_Rude.mp3 11-Feb-2013 17:40 3244k [SND] 2015_0313_Fugelsang.mp3 13-Mar-2015 16:18 3244k [SND] 2016_0407_John Fugelsang.mp3 07-Apr-2016 17:05 3244k [SND] 2014_0910_Obeidallah.mp3 10-Sep-2014 16:16 3248k [SND] 2013_0731_obeidallah.mp3 31-Jul-2013 16:32 3252k [SND] 2013_0926_Worley.mp3 26-Sep-2013 16:35 3252k [SND] 2013_1009_Astin.mp3 09-Oct-2013 16:39 3252k [SND] 2015_0408_Hamilton.mp3 08-Apr-2015 16:21 3252k [SND] 2016_0219_Lisa Bloom.mp3 19-Feb-2016 18:03 3252k [SND] 2016_0428_Karl Frisch.mp3 28-Apr-2016 16:27 3252k [SND] 2017_0504_Dean.mp3 04-May-2017 16:58 3256k [SND] 2014_0325_Cesca.mp3 25-Mar-2014 16:27 3260k [SND] 2014_0519_Boehlert.mp3 19-May-2014 16:25 3260k [SND] 2015_0820_Goldberg.mp3 20-Aug-2015 16:18 3260k [SND] 2013_0205_Pierce.mp3 05-Feb-2013 17:40 3268k [SND] 2015_0203_Pierce.mp3 03-Feb-2015 17:26 3268k [SND] 2016_0616_Rick Overton.mp3 16-Jun-2016 17:03 3272k [SND] 2015_1119_Frisch.mp3 19-Nov-2015 18:04 3276k [SND] 2014_1107_Dupuy.mp3 07-Nov-2014 17:17 3280k [SND] 2015_0609_Cesca.mp3 09-Jun-2015 16:23 3280k [SND] 2015_0514_Schechner.mp3 14-May-2015 16:21 3284k [SND] 2016_0322_Pierce.mp3 22-Mar-2016 16:53 3284k [SND] 2016_1130_Tomasky.mp3 30-Nov-2016 18:10 3284k [SND] 2013_0517_Fugelsang.mp3 17-May-2013 16:44 3292k [SND] 2016_0211_Jacki.mp3 11-Feb-2016 18:11 3292k [SND] 2016_0422_Stuttering John & Karl Frisch IN STUDIO.mp3 22-Apr-2016 16:39 3292k [SND] 2016_0922_Rick Overton.mp3 22-Sep-2016 17:49 3292k [SND] 2013_0827_Dupuy.mp3 27-Aug-2013 16:44 3300k [SND] 2014_0423_Alazraqui.mp3 23-Apr-2014 16:24 3300k [SND] 2015_0914_Rude.mp3 14-Sep-2015 16:21 3304k [SND] 2016_0803_Bob Cesca.mp3 03-Aug-2016 17:03 3304k [SND] 2015_1016_Fugelsang.mp3 16-Oct-2015 21:30 3308k [SND] 2016_0412_Charlie Pierce.mp3 12-Apr-2016 16:32 3308k [SND] 2015_0120_Pierce.mp3 20-Jan-2015 17:20 3312k [SND] 2015_0925_Frangela.mp3 25-Sep-2015 16:20 3316k [SND] 2013_1028_Rude.mp3 28-Oct-2013 16:36 3320k [SND] 2014_1017_Dupuy.mp3 17-Oct-2014 16:21 3320k [SND] 2015_0706_Rude.mp3 06-Jul-2015 16:22 3320k [SND] 2016_1013_Dana Goldberg.mp3 13-Oct-2016 17:18 3320k [SND] 2016_1014_Frangela.mp3 14-Oct-2016 16:55 3320k [SND] 2015_0223_Boehlert.mp3 23-Feb-2015 17:39 3324k [SND] 2015_0331_Cesca.mp3 31-Mar-2015 16:24 3324k [SND] 2016_0722_Karen Finney.mp3 22-Jul-2016 17:33 3324k [SND] 2013_1205_Frisch.mp3 05-Dec-2013 17:42 3328k [SND] 2015_0409_Frisch.mp3 09-Apr-2015 16:34 3328k [SND] 2013_1001_Yarmuth.mp3 01-Oct-2013 16:45 3332k [SND] 2014_0515_Smerconish.mp3 15-May-2014 16:48 3332k [SND] 2014_1217_Obeidallah.mp3 17-Dec-2014 17:24 3332k [SND] 2015_0707_Cesca.mp3 07-Jul-2015 16:29 3332k [SND] 2015_1009_Dupuy.mp3 09-Oct-2015 19:06 3332k [SND] 2013_0923_Rude.mp3 23-Sep-2013 16:49 3340k [SND] 2014_0218_Shah.mp3 18-Feb-2014 17:27 3340k [SND] 2015_0407_Cesca.mp3 07-Apr-2015 16:21 3340k [SND] 2016_0617_Goldwater & Fugelsang.mp3 17-Jun-2016 17:36 3340k [SND] 2017_0516_Gov_Rendall.mp3 16-May-2017 16:32 3340k [SND] 2016_0610_Frangela.mp3 10-Jun-2016 17:21 3344k [SND] 2013_0911_Grayson.mp3 11-Sep-2013 16:37 3352k [SND] 2013_1118_Rude.mp3 18-Nov-2013 17:46 3352k [SND] 2014_0729_Pierce.mp3 29-Jul-2014 16:20 3352k [SND] 2016_1116_Carlos.mp3 16-Nov-2016 18:15 3352k [SND] 2013_1108_Kopplin.mp3 08-Nov-2013 17:44 3356k [SND] 2014_1014_Cesca.mp3 14-Oct-2014 16:16 3356k [SND] 2015_0805_Pierce.mp3 05-Aug-2015 16:16 3360k [SND] 2013_0122_Breen.mp3 22-Jan-2013 17:52 3364k [SND] 2013_0801_Frisch.mp3 01-Aug-2013 16:34 3364k [SND] 2013_0822_Black.mp3 22-Aug-2013 16:37 3364k [SND] 2014_0103_Tomasky.mp3 03-Jan-2014 17:45 3364k [SND] 2014_0912_Lee.mp3 12-Sep-2014 16:27 3364k [SND] 2014_1211_Frisch.mp3 11-Dec-2014 17:18 3364k [SND] 2015_0616_Cesca.mp3 16-Jun-2015 16:22 3364k [SND] 2014_1006_Rude.mp3 06-Oct-2014 16:16 3368k [SND] 2015_1109_BOEHLERT.mp3 09-Nov-2015 17:56 3368k [SND] 2016_0908_Alonzo Bodden.mp3 08-Sep-2016 17:13 3368k [SND] 2015_0119_Ward.mp3 19-Jan-2015 17:16 3372k [SND] 2015_0414_Cesca.mp3 14-Apr-2015 16:22 3372k [SND] 2015_0818_Pierce.mp3 18-Aug-2015 16:15 3372k [SND] 2013_0212_Pierce.mp3 12-Feb-2013 17:44 3376k [SND] 2013_0624_Boehlert.mp3 24-Jun-2013 16:37 3376k [SND] 2014_1208_Ward.mp3 08-Dec-2014 17:15 3376k [SND] 2015_0827_Melendez.mp3 27-Aug-2015 16:16 3376k [SND] 2014_0915_Rude.mp3 15-Sep-2014 16:19 3380k [SND] 2016_1011_Lisa Bloom.mp3 11-Oct-2016 18:46 3380k [SND] 2013_0809_Wallis.mp3 09-Aug-2013 16:31 3384k [SND] 2015_0715_Fugelsang.mp3 15-Jul-2015 16:20 3384k [SND] 2016_0701_Rhodes_Melendez.mp3 01-Jul-2016 17:40 3384k [SND] 2016_0707_Billy West.mp3 07-Jul-2016 16:51 3384k [SND] 2013_0103_Shuster.mp3 03-Jan-2013 17:45 3388k [SND] 2014_0418_McDonald.mp3 18-Apr-2014 16:27 3388k [SND] 2014_0728_Boehlert.mp3 28-Jul-2014 16:18 3388k [SND] 2015_0304_Yarmuth.mp3 04-Mar-2015 17:19 3388k [SND] 2013_0522_Boehlert.mp3 22-May-2013 16:39 3392k [SND] 2013_0724_Hal.mp3 24-Jul-2013 16:40 3392k [SND] 2014_1104_Nichols.mp3 04-Nov-2014 17:19 3392k [SND] 2014_1111_Pierce.mp3 11-Nov-2014 17:17 3392k [SND] 2013_0123_Sparks.mp3 23-Jan-2013 17:39 3396k [SND] 2015_0115_Schechner.mp3 15-Jan-2015 17:17 3396k [SND] 2016_0201_Boehlert.mp3 01-Feb-2016 18:02 3396k [SND] 2013_0419_Pierce.mp3 19-Apr-2013 16:42 3400k [SND] 2014_0530_Goldwater.mp3 30-May-2014 16:24 3400k [SND] 2013_0416_Pierce.mp3 16-Apr-2013 16:39 3404k [SND] 2013_0830_Fugelsang.mp3 30-Aug-2013 16:36 3404k [SND] 2015_0212_Arnold.mp3 12-Feb-2015 17:32 3404k [SND] 2016_0419_Charlie Pierce.mp3 19-Apr-2016 17:08 3404k [SND] 2017_0424_Lisa_Bloom.mp3 24-Apr-2017 16:36 3404k [SND] 2013_0604_Boehlert.mp3 04-Jun-2013 16:56 3408k [SND] 2013_0826_Schechner.mp3 26-Aug-2013 16:38 3408k [SND] 2017_0315_Chris_Travis.mp3 15-Mar-2017 16:54 3408k [SND] 2013_0225_Rude.mp3 25-Feb-2013 17:34 3412k [SND] 2014_0717_Overton.mp3 17-Jul-2014 16:26 3412k [SND] 2015_1030_Fugelsang.mp3 30-Oct-2015 16:27 3412k [SND] 2013_0404_Alazraqui.mp3 04-Apr-2013 16:45 3416k [SND] 2015_0909_Cesca.mp3 09-Sep-2015 16:21 3416k [SND] 2015_1103_PIERCE.mp3 03-Nov-2015 17:44 3416k [SND] 2016_0223_Tina Dupuy.mp3 23-Feb-2016 17:47 3416k [SND] 2013_0829_Cesca.mp3 29-Aug-2013 16:39 3420k [SND] 2013_0924_Pierce.mp3 24-Sep-2013 16:30 3420k [SND] 2015_1001_DAntonio.mp3 01-Oct-2015 16:30 3420k [SND] 2016_0809_Jess Mcintosh.mp3 09-Aug-2016 17:22 3420k [SND] 2014_0401_Carter.mp3 01-Apr-2014 16:46 3424k [SND] 2014_0516_Greenwald.mp3 16-May-2014 16:23 3424k [SND] 2016_0307_RudePundit.mp3 07-Mar-2016 17:29 3424k [SND] 2013_0327_Herrera.mp3 27-Mar-2013 16:41 3428k [SND] 2014_0425_Fugelsang.mp3 25-Apr-2014 16:27 3428k [SND] 2016_0323_Overton.mp3 23-Mar-2016 16:40 3428k [SND] 2016_0802_Jody Hamilton & Jim Ward.mp3 02-Aug-2016 17:39 3428k [SND] 2016_1114_Ron_Placone.mp3 14-Nov-2016 17:52 3428k [SND] 2015_0306_Frangela.mp3 06-Mar-2015 17:17 3432k [SND] 2014_0502_Shrum.mp3 02-May-2014 16:31 3436k [SND] 2014_1117_Rude.mp3 17-Nov-2014 17:26 3436k [SND] 2015_0309_Boehlert.mp3 09-Mar-2015 16:16 3436k [SND] 2013_0619_Sparks.mp3 19-Jun-2013 16:53 3440k [SND] 2013_1021_Opening.mp3 21-Oct-2013 16:37 3440k [SND] 2014_0619_Perry.mp3 19-Jun-2014 16:23 3440k [SND] 2014_1216_Cesca.mp3 16-Dec-2014 17:27 3440k [SND] 2013_0515_Sparks.mp3 15-May-2013 16:53 3444k [SND] 2013_1120_Alazraqui.mp3 20-Nov-2013 17:40 3444k [SND] 2014_0730_Bostic.mp3 30-Jul-2014 16:21 3444k [SND] 2017_0330_SueDunlop.mp3 30-Mar-2017 16:49 3444k [SND] 2014_0328_Dupuy.mp3 28-Mar-2014 16:23 3448k [SND] 2014_1119_Yarmuth.mp3 19-Nov-2014 17:20 3448k [SND] 2015_0701_Rhodes.mp3 01-Jul-2015 16:21 3448k [SND] 2015_0518_Boehlert.mp3 18-May-2015 16:15 3456k [SND] 2015_0723_Marves.mp3 23-Jul-2015 16:23 3456k [SND] 2013_0227_Newsom.mp3 27-Feb-2013 17:44 3460k [SND] 2014_0319_Alazraqui.mp3 19-Mar-2014 16:40 3460k [SND] 2014_0501_Frisch.mp3 01-May-2014 16:30 3460k [SND] 2015_0605_Frangela.mp3 05-Jun-2015 16:32 3464k [SND] 2014_0108_Alazraqui.mp3 08-Jan-2014 17:55 3468k [SND] 2014_0605_Tomasky.mp3 05-Jun-2014 16:35 3468k [SND] 2013_0626_Frisch.mp3 26-Jun-2013 16:50 3472k [SND] 2015_0114_Tomasky.mp3 14-Jan-2015 17:23 3472k [SND] 2015_0619_Dupuy.mp3 19-Jun-2015 16:17 3472k [SND] 2017_0113_Fugelsang_Frangela.mp3 13-Jan-2017 18:14 3472k [SND] 2016_0126_Pierce.mp3 26-Jan-2016 17:29 3476k [SND] 2016_0627_Rude Pundit.mp3 27-Jun-2016 17:30 3476k [SND] 2016_0819_Frangela.mp3 19-Aug-2016 17:45 3476k [SND] 2016_0906_Jim Ward.mp3 06-Sep-2016 17:03 3476k [SND] 2016_1007_Ron Placone.mp3 07-Oct-2016 17:34 3476k [SND] 2013_0124_Tenuta.mp3 24-Jan-2013 17:48 3480k [SND] 2013_1209_Schiff.mp3 09-Dec-2013 17:35 3480k [SND] 2016_0801_Eric Boelhert.mp3 01-Aug-2016 17:30 3480k [SND] 2017_0217_Frangela.mp3 17-Feb-2017 18:01 3480k [SND] 2013_0121_Inaguration.mp3 21-Jan-2013 17:37 3484k [SND] 2013_1002_Signorile.mp3 02-Oct-2013 16:37 3484k [SND] 2015_0217_Cesca.mp3 17-Feb-2015 17:24 3484k [SND] 2015_0915_Pierce.mp3 15-Sep-2015 16:19 3484k [SND] 2013_0808_Gold.mp3 08-Aug-2013 16:37 3488k [SND] 2013_1213_Alazraqui.mp3 13-Dec-2013 17:46 3488k [SND] 2014_0801_Lee.mp3 01-Aug-2014 16:20 3488k [SND] 2015_0717_Frangela.mp3 17-Jul-2015 16:15 3488k [SND] 2013_0117_Tyler.mp3 17-Jan-2013 18:04 3496k [SND] 2016_0714_Overton & Fugelsang.mp3 14-Jul-2016 17:04 3496k [SND] 2014_0826_Pierce.mp3 26-Aug-2014 16:17 3500k [SND] 2014_0916_Pierce.mp3 16-Sep-2014 16:30 3500k [SND] 2015_0424_Obeidallah.mp3 24-Apr-2015 16:20 3500k [SND] 2013_0429_Wallis.mp3 29-Apr-2013 16:43 3504k [SND] 2013_0726_Obeidallah.mp3 26-Jul-2013 16:37 3504k [SND] 2013_1104_Boehlert.mp3 04-Nov-2013 17:44 3504k [SND] 2015_0416_Tomasky.mp3 16-Apr-2015 16:26 3504k [SND] 2015_0716_Frisch.mp3 16-Jul-2015 16:19 3504k [SND] 2015_0824_Dupuy.mp3 24-Aug-2015 16:25 3504k [SND] 2014_0212_Kluwe.mp3 12-Feb-2014 17:47 3508k [SND] 2015_0225_Obeidallah.mp3 25-Feb-2015 17:30 3508k [SND] 2015_0325_Obeidallah.mp3 25-Mar-2015 16:20 3508k [SND] 2016_0414_John Fugelsang & Jacki Schechner.mp3 14-Apr-2016 16:35 3508k [SND] 2016_0630_Dana-Goldberg.mp3 30-Jun-2016 16:53 3508k [SND] 2016_0909_Frangela.mp3 09-Sep-2016 17:01 3508k [SND] 2016_0523_Monique Marvez.mp3 23-May-2016 16:40 3512k [SND] 2014_0117_Fugelsang.mp3 17-Jan-2014 17:52 3516k [SND] 2014_0523_Powers.mp3 23-May-2014 16:20 3516k [SND] 2014_0926_Lee.mp3 26-Sep-2014 16:19 3520k [SND] 2016_0512_Dean Obeidallah.mp3 12-May-2016 16:47 3520k [SND] 2013_1220_Alazraqui.mp3 20-Dec-2013 17:43 3524k [SND] 2014_1031_Campbell.mp3 31-Oct-2014 16:21 3524k [SND] 2015_0205_Frisch.mp3 05-Feb-2015 17:21 3524k [SND] 2015_1021_BOBSESCA.mp3 21-Oct-2015 17:33 3524k [SND] 2014_0424_Cesca.mp3 24-Apr-2014 16:23 3528k [SND] 2014_1114_Frangela.mp3 14-Nov-2014 17:17 3532k [SND] 2016_0120_Cesca.mp3 20-Jan-2016 17:43 3532k [SND] 2013_0319_speak.mp3 19-Mar-2013 18:10 3536k [SND] 2015_1008_Frangela.mp3 08-Oct-2015 16:38 3540k [SND] 2016_0526_Dana Goldberg.mp3 26-May-2016 17:13 3540k [SND] 2016_1107_Eric_Boehlert.mp3 07-Nov-2016 18:12 3540k [SND] 2014_0806_Pierce.mp3 06-Aug-2014 16:15 3544k [SND] 2015_0601_Obeidallah.mp3 01-Jun-2015 16:33 3544k [SND] 2016_0301_CharliePierce.mp3 01-Mar-2016 17:43 3544k [SND] 2016_1024_Rude Pundit.mp3 24-Oct-2016 16:35 3548k [SND] 2013_0611_Pierce.mp3 11-Jun-2013 16:42 3552k [SND] 2013_0717_Sparks.mp3 17-Jul-2013 16:49 3552k [SND] 2014_1015_Rude.mp3 15-Oct-2014 16:13 3552k [SND] 2015_0617_Alazraqui.mp3 17-Jun-2015 16:25 3552k [SND] 2016_0907_Bob Cesca.mp3 07-Sep-2016 17:30 3556k [SND] 2014_0610_Pierce.mp3 10-Jun-2014 16:21 3560k [SND] 2014_1024_Fugelsang.mp3 24-Oct-2014 16:17 3560k [SND] 2013_0711_Gold.mp3 11-Jul-2013 16:41 3564k [SND] 2014_0206_Cesca.mp3 06-Feb-2014 17:43 3564k [SND] 2016_1215_Charlie_Pierce.mp3 15-Dec-2016 18:12 3564k [SND] 2013_0313_Schakowsky.mp3 13-Mar-2013 16:42 3568k [SND] 2013_0917_Brown.mp3 17-Sep-2013 16:37 3568k [SND] 2014_0612_Schechner.mp3 12-Jun-2014 16:19 3568k [SND] 2014_0722_Cesca.mp3 22-Jul-2014 16:23 3568k [SND] 2013_0625_Speak.mp3 25-Jun-2013 16:26 3572k [SND] 2014_0813_Overton.mp3 13-Aug-2014 16:23 3572k [SND] 2016_0527_Frangela - 1.mp3 27-May-2016 17:23 3572k [SND] 2016_0614_Charlie Pierce.mp3 14-Jun-2016 17:55 3572k [SND] 2016_1018_Steph & Vanessa.mp3 18-Oct-2016 17:12 3572k [SND] 2013_0621_Alazraqui.mp3 21-Jun-2013 16:53 3576k [SND] 2013_0513_Alazraqui.mp3 13-May-2013 16:46 3580k [SND] 2014_0804_Boehlert.mp3 04-Aug-2014 16:17 3580k [SND] 2015_0413_Rude.mp3 13-Apr-2015 16:21 3580k [SND] 2013_0201_Moulitsas.mp3 01-Feb-2013 17:38 3584k [SND] 2013_0218_Rude.mp3 18-Feb-2013 17:32 3584k [SND] 2015_0730_Overton.mp3 30-Jul-2015 16:21 3584k [SND] 2016_1201_Dana.mp3 01-Dec-2016 17:36 3584k [SND] 2013_0403_Sparks.mp3 03-Apr-2013 16:47 3588k [SND] 2013_1014_Boehlert.mp3 14-Oct-2013 16:39 3588k [SND] 2016_0721_Al Fanken.mp3 21-Jul-2016 16:55 3588k [SND] 2016_1012_Madeline Fugate.mp3 12-Oct-2016 16:57 3588k [SND] 2013_0610_Paige.mp3 10-Jun-2013 16:49 3592k [SND] 2013_1211_Tomasky.mp3 11-Dec-2013 17:41 3596k [SND] 2016_1109_Carlos.mp3 09-Nov-2016 17:37 3596k [SND] 2014_0107_Fugelsang.mp3 07-Jan-2014 18:13 3600k [SND] 2014_0114_Obeidallah.mp3 14-Jan-2014 17:50 3600k [SND] 2014_0311_john f and john melendez.mp3 11-Mar-2014 17:08 3600k [SND] 2014_1028_Pierce.mp3 28-Oct-2014 16:18 3600k [SND] 2016_0104_RudePundit.mp3 04-Jan-2016 17:44 3600k [SND] 2016_1004_Jody Hamilton.mp3 04-Oct-2016 17:06 3600k [SND] 2013_0618_Watts.mp3 18-Jun-2013 16:46 3604k [SND] 2014_1205_Lee.mp3 05-Dec-2014 17:26 3608k [SND] 2016_1209_Lisa_Bloom.mp3 09-Dec-2016 18:34 3608k [SND] 2017_0116_Lieu.mp3 16-Jan-2017 18:15 3612k [SND] 2016_0824_Bob Cesca.mp3 24-Aug-2016 17:46 3620k [SND] 2016_1005_Congressman Adam Schiff.mp3 05-Oct-2016 17:01 3620k [SND] 2014_0623_Overton.mp3 23-Jun-2014 16:17 3624k [SND] 2015_0204_Schakowsky.mp3 04-Feb-2015 17:17 3624k [SND] 2015_0527_Tomasky.mp3 27-May-2015 16:19 3624k [SND] 2014_1202_Dupuy.mp3 02-Dec-2014 17:15 3628k [SND] 2015_0107_Tomasky.mp3 07-Jan-2015 17:23 3628k [SND] 2015_0422_Pierce.mp3 22-Apr-2015 16:18 3628k [SND] 2013_0502_Frisch.mp3 02-May-2013 16:38 3632k [SND] 2014_0707_Rude.mp3 07-Jul-2014 16:19 3636k [SND] 2016_0209_TinaDupuy.mp3 09-Feb-2016 18:04 3636k [SND] 2016_0218_Grayson.mp3 18-Feb-2016 17:49 3636k [SND] 2013_0820_Cesca.mp3 20-Aug-2013 16:34 3640k [SND] 2014_1218_Dupuy.mp3 18-Dec-2014 17:28 3644k [SND] 2015_1218_Frangela.mp3 18-Dec-2015 18:39 3644k [SND] 2016_1128_Jill_Stein-2.mp3 28-Nov-2016 17:54 3644k [SND] 2015_0515_Frangela.mp3 15-May-2015 16:20 3648k [SND] 2016_0713_Dean Obeidallah.mp3 13-Jul-2016 17:24 3648k [SND] 2016_1206_Dean.mp3 06-Dec-2016 18:46 3652k [SND] 2013_0819_Dupuy.mp3 19-Aug-2013 16:43 3656k [SND] 2014_0116_Cesca.mp3 16-Jan-2014 17:50 3656k [SND] 2014_1209_Cesca.mp3 09-Dec-2014 17:23 3656k [SND] 2016_0114_Jacki.mp3 14-Jan-2016 17:45 3656k [SND] 2014_1215_Boehlert.mp3 15-Dec-2014 17:16 3660k [SND] 2015_0910_Bloom.mp3 10-Sep-2015 16:24 3660k [SND] 2016_0825_Dean Obeidallah.mp3 25-Aug-2016 16:38 3660k [SND] 2013_0701_Boutrous.mp3 01-Jul-2013 16:40 3664k [SND] 2013_0719_Alazraqui.mp3 19-Jul-2013 16:56 3664k [SND] 2015_0121_Olson.mp3 21-Jan-2015 17:25 3664k [SND] 2015_0812_Pierce.mp3 12-Aug-2015 16:20 3664k [SND] 2013_0220_Waters.mp3 20-Feb-2013 17:35 3668k [SND] 2013_0516_Dean.mp3 16-May-2013 16:48 3668k [SND] 2015_0211_Millhiser.mp3 11-Feb-2015 17:21 3668k [SND] 2016_0112_Obeidallah.mp3 12-Jan-2016 18:00 3668k [SND] 2016_1010_Travis Bone.mp3 10-Oct-2016 17:11 3668k [SND] 2017_0208_Rep_Waters.mp3 08-Feb-2017 18:25 3668k [SND] 2016_0415_Sobule & Westenhoefer.mp3 15-Apr-2016 17:18 3672k [SND] 2016_0302_Cesca.mp3 02-Mar-2016 17:45 3676k [SND] 2016_1026_Jacki_Schechner.mp3 26-Oct-2016 17:13 3676k [SND] 2013_0628_Fugelsang.mp3 28-Jun-2013 16:39 3680k [SND] 2013_0128_Rude.mp3 28-Jan-2013 17:47 3684k [SND] 2013_0326_Lords.mp3 26-Mar-2013 16:50 3688k [SND] 2013_0927_Wright.mp3 27-Sep-2013 16:35 3688k [SND] 2015_0923_Cesca.mp3 23-Sep-2015 16:14 3688k [SND] 2017_0124_Tina_Dupuy.mp3 24-Jan-2017 17:55 3688k [SND] 2014_1212_Lee.mp3 12-Dec-2014 17:25 3704k [SND] 2016_0225_Frisch.mp3 25-Feb-2016 17:55 3704k [SND] 2013_0710_Sparks.mp3 10-Jul-2013 16:44 3708k [SND] 2014_1022_Bloom.mp3 22-Oct-2014 16:19 3708k [SND] 2013_0613_Tomasky.mp3 13-Jun-2013 16:50 3712k [SND] 2013_0812_Schechner.mp3 12-Aug-2013 16:42 3712k [SND] 2016_0913_Dean Obeidallah.mp3 13-Sep-2016 17:13 3716k [SND] 2013_1202_Rude.mp3 02-Dec-2013 17:45 3720k [SND] 2015_1217_Jacki.mp3 17-Dec-2015 19:07 3720k [SND] 2016_0119_CharliePierce.mp3 19-Jan-2016 18:22 3728k [SND] 2014_0718_Lee.mp3 18-Jul-2014 16:26 3732k [SND] 2015_0810_Dupuy.mp3 10-Aug-2015 16:18 3732k [SND] 2013_0510_Breen.mp3 10-May-2013 16:45 3736k [SND] 2015_1130_Monique.mp3 30-Nov-2015 18:00 3736k [SND] 2016_1108_Reps_John_Lewis_Barbara_Lee.mp3 08-Nov-2016 17:43 3736k [SND] 2016_0816_Jody Hamilton.mp3 16-Aug-2016 18:03 3740k [SND] 2014_1118_Cesca.mp3 18-Nov-2014 17:25 3744k [SND] 2015_0615_Rude.mp3 15-Jun-2015 16:22 3744k [SND] 2015_1022_Frisch.mp3 22-Oct-2015 16:40 3744k [SND] 2015_1215_DavidFeldman.mp3 15-Dec-2015 17:39 3744k [SND] 2016_0729-Gloria_Allred.mp3 29-Jul-2016 17:43 3744k [SND] 2013_0816_Fugelsang.mp3 16-Aug-2013 16:34 3756k [SND] 2015_0731_Frangela.mp3 31-Jul-2015 16:25 3756k [SND] 2016_0504_Carlos Alazraqui.mp3 04-May-2016 16:50 3756k [SND] 2014_1007_Cesca.mp3 07-Oct-2014 16:18 3760k [SND] 2015_0122_Arnold.mp3 22-Jan-2015 17:28 3760k [SND] 2015_1110_Obeidallah.mp3 10-Nov-2015 17:39 3760k [SND] 2013_0131_Courtney.mp3 31-Jan-2013 17:45 3768k [SND] 2015_0105_Rude.mp3 05-Jan-2015 17:24 3768k [SND] 2015_0803_McDonald.mp3 03-Aug-2015 16:14 3768k [SND] 2015_0928_Rude.mp3 28-Sep-2015 16:16 3768k [SND] 2015_0406_Boehlert.mp3 06-Apr-2015 16:16 3772k [SND] 2015_0814_Obeidallah.mp3 14-Aug-2015 16:17 3772k [SND] 2016_0607_Barbara Boxer.mp3 07-Jun-2016 17:31 3772k [SND] 2014_0505_Katami-Zarrillo.mp3 05-May-2014 16:37 3776k [SND] 2014_0918_Klein.mp3 18-Sep-2014 16:23 3776k [SND] 2015_0520_Alazraqui.mp3 21-May-2015 16:26 3780k [SND] 2015_0721_Schiff.mp3 21-Jul-2015 16:22 3780k [SND] 2016_1207_Prof.mp3 07-Dec-2016 17:48 3780k [SND] 2016_0127_Cesca.mp3 27-Jan-2016 17:37 3784k [SND] 2017_0201_Nance.mp3 01-Feb-2017 17:50 3784k [SND] 2013_0722_Boehlert.mp3 22-Jul-2013 16:38 3788k [SND] 2016_0202_Pierce.mp3 02-Feb-2016 17:45 3788k [SND] 2016_0706_Jill Sobule.mp3 06-Jul-2016 16:36 3788k [SND] 2016_0808_Rude Pundit.mp3 08-Aug-2016 18:59 3788k [SND] 2014_0506_Cesca.mp3 06-May-2014 16:33 3792k [SND] 2017_0718_RepJan.mp3 18-Jul-2017 17:20 3792k [SND] 2016_0216_Millhiser.mp3 16-Feb-2016 18:11 3796k [SND] 2014_0922_Rude.mp3 22-Sep-2014 16:17 3800k [SND] 2017_0328_Lieu.mp3 28-Mar-2017 16:56 3800k [SND] 2014_0429_Pierce.mp3 29-Apr-2014 16:30 3804k [SND] 2016_0505_Friedman & Siegel.mp3 05-May-2016 16:52 3804k [SND] 2016_0812_Suzanne Westenhoefer.mp3 12-Aug-2016 16:45 3804k [SND] 2014_1021_Cesca.mp3 21-Oct-2014 16:16 3808k [SND] 2016_1205_Greg_Palast.mp3 05-Dec-2016 17:55 3820k [SND] 2016_0421_Karl Frisch IN STUDIO.mp3 21-Apr-2016 16:52 3824k [SND] 2017_0206_Nvratilova.mp3 06-Feb-2017 17:45 3824k [SND] 2015_1112_JudyTenuta.mp3 12-Nov-2015 17:46 3828k [SND] 2015_1202_CESCA.mp3 02-Dec-2015 19:38 3828k [SND] 2016_0517_Arianna Huffington.mp3 17-May-2016 16:35 3828k [SND] 2013_0920_Schiff.mp3 20-Sep-2013 16:33 3832k [SND] 2015_1116_BOEHLERT.mp3 16-Nov-2015 17:38 3832k [SND] 2017_0601_Karl.mp3 01-Jun-2017 17:31 3836k [SND] 2014_0324_Fiztgerald.mp3 24-Mar-2014 16:25 3840k [SND] 2014_0528_Alazraqui.mp3 28-May-2014 16:21 3840k [SND] 2014_0818_Ward.mp3 18-Aug-2014 16:17 3844k [SND] 2016_0429_Frangela.mp3 29-Apr-2016 17:10 3844k [SND] 2016_0513_Rob Reiner.mp3 13-May-2016 17:12 3844k [SND] 2017_0105_Dana.mp3 05-Jan-2017 17:47 3844k [SND] 2016_1025_Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett.mp3 25-Oct-2016 17:48 3852k [SND] 2015_0312_Obeidallah.mp3 12-Mar-2015 16:25 3856k [SND] 2013_0108_Hormel.mp3 08-Jan-2013 17:57 3860k [SND] 2014_0414_Boehlert.mp3 14-Apr-2014 16:25 3860k [SND] 2014_1027_Rude.mp3 27-Oct-2014 16:21 3860k [SND] 2015_0108_Obeidallah.mp3 08-Jan-2015 17:20 3860k [SND] 2016_0817_Carlos Alazraqui.mp3 17-Aug-2016 18:06 3860k [SND] 2015_1020_DRDAN.mp3 20-Oct-2015 17:09 3864k [SND] 2016_0122_Frangela_Fugelsang.mp3 22-Jan-2016 18:39 3864k [SND] 2013_0529_Sparks.mp3 29-May-2013 16:45 3868k [SND] 2014_1105_Obeidallah.mp3 05-Nov-2014 17:21 3868k [SND] 2015_0930_Ortiz.mp3 30-Sep-2015 16:19 3868k [SND] 2015_1104_Cesca.mp3 04-Nov-2015 17:40 3872k [SND] 2014_0106_Kluwe.mp3 06-Jan-2014 17:54 3880k [SND] 2014_0120_Rude.mp3 20-Jan-2014 17:41 3880k [SND] 2015_0210_Cesca.mp3 10-Feb-2015 17:46 3880k [SND] 2015_0310_Cesca.mp3 10-Mar-2015 16:29 3880k [SND] 2015_0427_Boehlert.mp3 27-Apr-2015 16:18 3880k [SND] 2014_0602_Rude.mp3 02-Jun-2014 16:22 3884k [SND] 2014_0822_Lee.mp3 22-Aug-2014 16:19 3884k [SND] 2015_0224_Cesca.mp3 24-Feb-2015 17:25 3884k [SND] 2016_0916_Frangela.mp3 16-Sep-2016 17:39 3884k [SND] 2015_1214_RudePundit.mp3 14-Dec-2015 17:48 3888k [SND] 2017_0503_Cesca.mp3 03-May-2017 17:01 3888k [SND] 2013_0328_Reiner.mp3 28-Mar-2013 16:42 3892k [SND] 2014_0819_Pierce.mp3 19-Aug-2014 16:20 3892k [SND] 2015_0402_Bloom.mp3 02-Apr-2015 16:22 3892k [SND] 2015_0811_Boehlert.mp3 11-Aug-2015 16:15 3892k [SND] 2016_0609_JudyGold.mp3 09-Jun-2016 18:07 3892k [SND] 2016_1104_Fugelsang_Frangela.mp3 04-Nov-2016 17:40 3892k [SND] 2014_1219_Frangela.mp3 19-Dec-2014 17:18 3896k [SND] 2015_0216_Boehlert.mp3 16-Feb-2015 17:14 3908k [SND] 2016_0914_Bob Cesca.mp3 14-Sep-2016 16:55 3908k [SND] 2013_0709_Kirkman.mp3 09-Jul-2013 16:45 3912k [SND] 2015_0507_Schechner.mp3 07-May-2015 16:20 3912k [SND] 2016_0217_Cesca.mp3 17-Feb-2016 17:30 3912k [SND] 2017_0623_Valarie_Plame.mp3 23-Jun-2017 17:10 3912k [SND] 2015_1015_Frisch.mp3 15-Oct-2015 20:09 3916k [SND] 2013_0918_Moran.mp3 18-Sep-2013 16:50 3920k [SND] 2014_1010_Lee.mp3 10-Oct-2014 16:21 3920k [SND] 2014_1001_Wright.mp3 01-Oct-2014 16:24 3924k [SND] 2014_0618_Rude.mp3 18-Jun-2014 16:23 3928k [SND] 2015_0713_Boehlert.mp3 13-Jul-2015 16:20 3928k [SND] 2015_0821_Mooks.mp3 21-Aug-2015 16:19 3928k [SND] 2015_1117_TinaDupuy.mp3 17-Nov-2015 17:57 3928k [SND] 2016_0111_Boehlert.mp3 11-Jan-2016 18:30 3928k [SND] 2014_0609_Rude.mp3 09-Jun-2014 16:27 3940k [SND] 2016_0601_Bob Cesca.mp3 01-Jun-2016 16:52 3944k [SND] 2015_0501_Frangela.mp3 01-May-2015 16:25 3948k [SND] 2016_0531_Jim Ward.mp3 31-May-2016 17:30 3952k [SND] 2013_1115_Fugelsang.mp3 15-Nov-2013 17:44 3956k [SND] 2015_0303_Cesca.mp3 03-Mar-2015 17:23 3956k [SND] 2016_1122_Dean.mp3 22-Nov-2016 18:09 3956k [SND] 2016_0927_Jess Mcintosh.mp3 27-Sep-2016 17:07 3960k [SND] 2017_0329_Cesca.mp3 29-Mar-2017 17:00 3960k [SND] 2013_1107_WassermanSchultz.mp3 07-Nov-2013 17:47 3964k [SND] 2017_0417_Malcolm_Nance.mp3 17-Apr-2017 17:04 3964k [SND] 2014_0310_Rude Pundit.mp3 10-Mar-2014 17:05 3968k [SND] 2015_0612_Frangela.mp3 12-Jun-2015 16:30 3968k [SND] 2015_0729_Tomasky.mp3 29-Jul-2015 16:16 3968k [SND] 2016_0613_Chris Lavoie.mp3 13-Jun-2016 16:48 3968k [SND] 2016_0725_Joe_Madison.mp3 25-Jul-2016 17:40 3972k [SND] 2013_0321_Yarmuth.mp3 22-Mar-2013 18:13 3980k [SND] 2014_0814_Schechner.mp3 14-Aug-2014 16:19 3980k [SND] 2014_0919_Lee.mp3 19-Sep-2014 16:19 3980k [SND] 2015_0311_Pierce.mp3 11-Mar-2015 16:20 3984k [SND] 2015_1102_Sen_Sherrod_Brown.mp3 02-Nov-2016 16:54 3984k [SND] 2013_1015_Schakowsky.mp3 15-Oct-2013 16:33 3988k [SND] 2013_1216_Rude.mp3 16-Dec-2013 17:39 3988k [SND] 2016_0705_ Lisa Bloom.mp3 05-Jul-2016 16:40 3992k [SND] 2014_1003_Lee.mp3 03-Oct-2014 16:18 4000k [SND] 2017_0202_Milhiser.mp3 02-Feb-2017 17:49 4000k [SND] 2014_0702_Obeidallah.mp3 02-Jul-2014 16:24 4004k [SND] 2015_1208_Jody.mp3 08-Dec-2015 17:40 4004k [SND] 2013_0828_Schiff.mp3 28-Aug-2013 16:39 4008k [SND] 2014_0630_Overton.mp3 30-Jun-2014 16:28 4008k [SND] 2014_0825_Obeidallah.mp3 25-Aug-2014 16:16 4008k [SND] 2015_0512_Cesca.mp3 12-May-2015 16:20 4008k [SND] 2015_0629_Reiner.mp3 29-Jun-2015 16:29 4016k [SND] 2015_0714_Cesca.mp3 14-Jul-2015 16:23 4020k [SND] 2016_1019_Dana Goldberg.mp3 19-Oct-2016 17:05 4020k [SND] 2013_1010_Madigan.mp3 10-Oct-2013 16:37 4024k [SND] 2015_0817_Boehlert.mp3 17-Aug-2015 16:16 4024k [SND] 2013_0411_Velshi.mp3 11-Apr-2013 16:34 4028k [SND] 2014_0404_Simon.mp3 04-Apr-2014 16:31 4028k [SND] 2015_0401_Millhiser.mp3 01-Apr-2015 16:22 4028k [SND] 2017_0303_Frangela.mp3 03-Mar-2017 17:57 4032k [SND] 2014_0611_Mudcat.mp3 11-Jun-2014 16:26 4040k [SND] 2015_0324_Cesca.mp3 24-Mar-2015 16:24 4044k [SND] 2015_0918_Obeidallah.mp3 18-Sep-2015 16:21 4044k [SND] 2016_0822_Eric Boehlert.mp3 22-Aug-2016 17:11 4044k [SND] 2013_0730_Fitzgerald.mp3 30-Jul-2013 16:44 4048k [SND] 2015_0326_VanHollen.mp3 26-Mar-2015 16:22 4048k [SND] 2017_0327_Overton.mp3 27-Mar-2017 16:40 4048k [SND] 2015_0330_Rude.mp3 30-Mar-2015 16:24 4056k [SND] 2016_0519_Jacki Scheckner.mp3 19-May-2016 17:09 4056k [SND] 2014_1009_Millhiser.mp3 09-Oct-2014 16:18 4064k [SND] 2015_1102_JIM ERIC.mp3 02-Nov-2015 17:43 4064k [SND] 2015_0819_SexyLiberals.mp3 19-Aug-2015 16:18 4068k [SND] 2013_0318_papa.mp3 18-Mar-2013 17:39 4080k [SND] 2013_0912_Cesca.mp3 12-Sep-2013 16:38 4080k [SND] 2015_0219_Kirkman.mp3 19-Feb-2015 17:28 4096k [SND] 2017_0607_Nance.mp3 07-Jun-2017 16:48 4100k [SND] 2014_0701_Pierce.mp3 01-Jul-2014 16:17 4104k [SND] 2015_0305_Millhiser.mp3 05-Mar-2015 17:23 4112k [SND] 2015_1023_Fugelsang.mp3 23-Oct-2015 18:21 4116k [SND] 2016_0125_Rude.mp3 25-Jan-2016 17:56 4120k [SND] 2013_0919_Cesca.mp3 19-Sep-2013 16:45 4124k [SND] 2016_0310_Jackie.mp3 10-Mar-2016 17:55 4124k [SND] 2017_0705_Nance.mp3 05-Jul-2017 17:01 4124k [SND] 2015_0302_Boehlert.mp3 02-Mar-2015 17:21 4128k [SND] 2016_0509_Rick Overton & Rude Pundit.mp3 09-May-2016 16:52 4128k [SND] 2017_0313_Cesca_Schechner.mp3 13-Mar-2017 16:44 4132k [SND] 2016_0826_Diana Nyad.mp3 26-Aug-2016 17:22 4136k [SND] 2016_1212_David Bender.mp3 12-Dec-2016 18:14 4156k [SND] 2013_0222_Gilson.mp3 22-Feb-2013 17:34 4160k [SND] 2015_0916_Cesca.mp3 16-Sep-2015 16:15 4164k [SND] 2016_0210_Cesca.mp3 10-Feb-2016 18:08 4164k [SND] 2013_0311_Carter.mp3 11-Mar-2013 16:40 4168k [SND] 2016_0324_Shechner.mp3 24-Mar-2016 17:18 4172k [SND] 2013_0813_Tomasky.mp3 13-Aug-2013 16:42 4176k [SND] 2015_0826_Obeidallah.mp3 26-Aug-2015 16:17 4180k [SND] 2014_0115_Alazraqui.mp3 15-Jan-2014 17:53 4188k [SND] 2015_0506_Tomasky.mp3 06-May-2015 16:17 4188k [SND] 2015_0106_Dupuy.mp3 06-Jan-2015 17:40 4196k [SND] 2016_0919_Moby (In Studio).mp3 19-Sep-2016 17:14 4200k [SND] 2013_1125_Fitzgerald.mp3 25-Nov-2013 17:41 4208k [SND] 2016_0912_Rude Pundit.mp3 12-Sep-2016 17:01 4208k [SND] 2017_0314_Mark_Pocan.mp3 14-Mar-2017 17:00 4208k [SND] 2013_0412_Kurek.mp3 12-Apr-2013 16:36 4212k [SND] 2013_0506_Rude.mp3 06-May-2013 16:54 4212k [SND] 2016_0128_Jacki.mp3 28-Jan-2016 18:08 4212k [SND] 2013_0509_Clark.mp3 09-May-2013 16:36 4220k [SND] 2014_1124_Rude.mp3 24-Nov-2014 17:22 4224k [SND] 2015_0813_Arnold.mp3 13-Aug-2015 16:17 4224k [SND] 2014_0812_Madigan.mp3 12-Aug-2014 16:17 4228k [SND] 2017_0317_Fugelsang_Westenhoefer.mp3 17-Mar-2017 16:56 4228k [SND] 2014_0708_Pierce.mp3 08-Jul-2014 16:18 4232k [SND] 2014_0715_Cesca.mp3 15-Jul-2014 16:22 4232k [SND] 2015_0202_Rude.mp3 02-Feb-2015 17:23 4236k [SND] 2014_0821_Bloom.mp3 21-Aug-2014 16:17 4240k [SND] 2017_0428_Schiff.mp3 28-Apr-2017 16:55 4240k [SND] 2015_0921_Rude.mp3 21-Sep-2015 16:31 4248k [SND] 2014_0808_Fugelsang.mp3 08-Aug-2014 16:31 4252k [SND] 2015_1014_Pierce.mp3 14-Oct-2015 17:02 4252k [SND] 2015_0327_Dupuy.mp3 27-Mar-2015 16:20 4256k [SND] 2015_0428_Cesca.mp3 28-Apr-2015 16:19 4256k [SND] 2015_1111_BobCesca.mp3 11-Nov-2015 18:04 4264k [SND] 2016_0331_Jacki.mp3 31-Mar-2016 16:42 4268k [SND] 2016_0524_Joe Madison.mp3 24-May-2016 17:06 4280k [SND] 2014_0401_Munter.mp3 01-Apr-2014 16:46 4300k [SND] 2016_0121_Chez.mp3 21-Jan-2016 18:05 4300k [SND] 2015_0724_Bloom.mp3 24-Jul-2015 16:28 4316k [SND] 2015_0922_Pierce.mp3 22-Sep-2015 16:17 4316k [SND] 2015_0630_Millhiser.mp3 30-Jun-2015 16:19 4340k [SND] 2016_0425_Rude Pundit IN STUDIO.mp3 25-Apr-2016 16:46 4340k [SND] 2014_0925_Fugelsang.mp3 25-Sep-2014 16:27 4344k [SND] 2015_0825_Hunter.mp3 25-Aug-2015 16:15 4352k [SND] 2015_0929_Burnett.mp3 29-Sep-2015 16:22 4352k [SND] 2016_1017_Lisa Bloom.mp3 17-Oct-2016 16:31 4352k [SND] 2017_0419_Cesca.mp3 19-Apr-2017 16:46 4352k [SND] 2013_1016_Grayson.mp3 16-Oct-2013 16:37 4360k [SND] 2015_0804_Cesca.mp3 04-Aug-2015 16:18 4360k [SND] 2014_1020_Boehlert.mp3 20-Oct-2014 16:20 4364k [SND] 2016_0222_RandiRhodes.mp3 22-Feb-2016 18:53 4372k [SND] 2014_1201_Rude.mp3 01-Dec-2014 17:17 4376k [SND] 2016_0510_Mary Steenburgen.mp3 10-May-2016 17:02 4380k [SND] 2015_0429_Bloom.mp3 29-Apr-2015 16:21 4388k [SND] 2016_0516_Eric Boehlert.mp3 16-May-2016 16:34 4388k [SND] 2014_0929_Rude.mp3 29-Sep-2014 16:22 4392k [SND] 2017_0104_Williamson.mp3 04-Jan-2017 17:52 4392k [SND] 2015_0308_Hartmann.mp3 08-Mar-2016 17:41 4400k [SND] 2013_0204_Rude.mp3 04-Feb-2013 17:54 4408k [SND] 2014_0703_Frisch.mp3 03-Jul-2014 16:17 4408k [SND] 2016_1003_Rude Pundit.mp3 03-Oct-2016 17:01 4408k [SND] 2014_1125_Bloom.mp3 25-Nov-2014 17:34 4416k [SND] 2016_0129_BillyBaldwin.mp3 29-Jan-2016 17:42 4432k [SND] 2016_1111_Frangela.mp3 11-Nov-2016 18:21 4436k [SND] 2016_1216 - Robert Baer.mp3 16-Dec-2016 18:33 4436k [SND] 2014_0820_Garcia.mp3 20-Aug-2014 16:21 4440k [SND] 2017_0517_Nance.mp3 17-May-2017 17:11 4448k [SND] 2016_0718_Rude Pundit.mp3 18-Jul-2016 16:50 4464k [SND] 2013_0716_Pierce.mp3 16-Jul-2013 16:43 4468k [SND] 2016_0502_Alan Grayson.mp3 02-May-2016 16:59 4496k [SND] 2016_0728_Rob_Reiner.mp3 28-Jul-2016 16:59 4504k [SND] 2013_0712_Clark.mp3 12-Jul-2013 16:35 4528k [SND] 2017_0130_EJ_Dionne.mp3 30-Jan-2017 17:32 4536k [SND] 2017_0719_Jacki.mp3 19-Jul-2017 16:37 4536k [SND] 2016_0606_Dean Obeidallah.mp3 06-Jun-2016 17:21 4540k [SND] 2017_0106_Sue_Dunlop.mp3 06-Jan-2017 19:28 4540k [SND] 2016_1028_Chely Wright.mp3 28-Oct-2016 17:30 4552k [SND] 2016_1117_West_Goldberg.mp3 17-Nov-2016 17:40 4556k [SND] 2017_0120_Allred.mp3 20-Jan-2017 19:10 4576k [SND] 2014_0113_Boehlert.mp3 13-Jan-2014 18:02 4588k [SND] 2013_0130_Boxer.mp3 30-Jan-2013 17:48 4600k [SND] 2015_0505_Cesca.mp3 05-May-2015 16:23 4604k [SND] 2014_0723_Olson.mp3 23-Jul-2014 16:12 4624k [SND] 2015_1019_RudePundit.mp3 19-Oct-2015 17:51 4632k [SND] 2015_0127_Cesca.mp3 27-Jan-2015 17:18 4640k [SND] 2014_0624_Cesca.mp3 24-Jun-2014 16:24 4652k [SND] 2015_1118_Obeidallah.mp3 18-Nov-2015 17:45 4652k [SND] 2017_0302_DrWanda.mp3 02-Mar-2017 17:43 4652k [SND] 2014_1106_Schakowsky.mp3 06-Nov-2014 17:20 4656k [SND] 2013_0815_Schechner.mp3 15-Aug-2013 16:42 4680k [SND] 2014_1110_Rude.mp3 10-Nov-2014 18:23 4696k [SND] 2016_0520_Frangela.mp3 20-May-2016 17:06 4732k [SND] 2017_0109_Malcolm Nance.mp3 09-Jan-2017 18:10 4748k [SND] 2017_0126_David_Corn.mp3 26-Jan-2017 17:54 4752k [SND] 2013_0322_million.mp3 22-Mar-2013 18:13 4768k [SND] 2017_0531_Nance.mp3 31-May-2017 16:51 4768k [SND] 2014_0121_Pierce.mp3 21-Jan-2014 17:52 4804k [SND] 2017_0309_Schechner.mp3 09-Mar-2017 17:42 4840k [SND] 2015_0728_Cesca.mp3 28-Jul-2015 16:18 4844k [SND] 2017_0207_Janaya_Khan.mp3 07-Feb-2017 17:40 4852k [SND] 2017_0510_Malcolm_Nance.mp3 10-May-2017 16:44 4880k [SND] 2017_0706_Ari.mp3 06-Jul-2017 17:13 4904k [SND] 2017_0308_Nance.mp3 08-Mar-2017 18:08 4920k [SND] 2016_1214_Schiff.mp3 14-Dec-2016 18:20 4924k [SND] 2017_0713_Nance.mp3 13-Jul-2017 16:50 5212k [SND] 2017_0111_Nance.mp3 11-Jan-2017 17:36 5308k [SND] 2016_0329_Pierce.mp3 29-Mar-2016 17:32 5352k [SND] 2014_0102_Frisch.mp3 02-Jan-2014 18:53 5768k [SND] 2013_0320_gandy.mp3 22-Mar-2013 18:45 5884k [SND] 2016_1101_Sen_Tim_Kaine.mp3 01-Nov-2016 17:12 6144k [SND] 2015_1207_Monique.mp3 07-Dec-2015 18:21 9700k [SND] 2016_0629_TomKenny.mp3 29-Jun-2016 17:16 10412k [SND] 2015_0303_Jill Sobule.mp3 03-Mar-2016 17:44 10528k [SND] 2016_0321_Monique.mp3 21-Mar-2016 17:22 11632k [SND] 2016_0715_Carlos Alazraqui.mp3 15-Jul-2016 17:21 12328k [SND] 2017_0619_Boehlert.mp3 19-Jun-2017 17:03 13328k [SND] 2014-0912_SMHappyHour.mp3 13-Sep-2014 00:34 17220k

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